About TASK®

Founded in 1968, TASK TOOLS is a Canadian company that's very good at these four things:

We manufacture all over Planet Earth in order to give our end users, mostly construction professionals, tools that will get the job done right and offer great value. Not a professional contractor? That’s OK; they’ll work for you too.

We have three brands:


This is our main brand. TASK® brand products are designed for professionals that need to get the job done right, day in and day out. We say, TRADE PROVEN. TASK TOUGH.®, because TASK® products prove themselves in the professional building trades every day.

TASK Signature

Our marketing people say this is our halo brand. TASK Signature® products are designed with this simple promise in mind: they’re as good as or better than any competing product. In other words, you won’t find anything better.


Just because Tuf-E-Nuf® products are designed with lower price points in mind doesn’t mean they’re cheap. Pros know they’ll get a good value and DIY’ers can trust the job will get done without breaking the bank. It’s Tuf-E-Nuf®… ‘nuff said.

TASK® Brand History