T43411 Warranty


The Limited Lifetime Warranty of this product – TASK by 360 Electrical™ PowerCurve™ 6-Outlet Rotating Surge Protector, Model #T43411 is subject to all of the conditions and exclusions contained in the articles below. This Limited Lifetime Warranty gives you, the original purchaser, specific legal rights along with any additional rights that apply by law. This Limited Lifetime Warranty applies only to the enclosed TASK by 360 Electrical™ model. TASK TOOLS warrants to the verified original purchaser of this TASK by 360 Electrical™ Surge Protector for the life of this product that there will be no defects in craftsmanship, materials, assembly or design. Should there be any defects in any of the categories listed above TASK TOOLS will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the defective Surge Protector at no cost to the original purchaser. The life of the Surge Protector is defined as the period of time that the Surge Protector has the capacity to protect against power surges and spikes. The “Protected” indicator light will no longer illuminate when this capacity is exceeded.


TASK TOOLS’ Connected Equipment Warranty covers only equipment that is damaged or destroyed by transient voltage while properly connected to a properly wired AC power line with protective ground. Transient voltage or a “Power Disruption” is defined as a brief voltage spike and/or surge on the AC power. TASK TOOLS, at its option, will pay the present fair market value for the replacement or repair of the damaged connected equipment up to the maximum amount stated below:

Item - T43411
Up to a maximum of $50,000.00 (Canadian dollars)
This is a Limited Warranty and is subject to the conditions and provisions contained in the following articles. This warranty is null and void if any of the following conditions exist: (a) the equipment is not properly connected to the Surge Protector, (b) the Power Disruption damages your equipment through phone, network or coaxial lines, (c) the Surge Protector has been improperly opened or installed or has been tampered with,(d) the damage was not a result of a Power Disruption or a Power Disruption never took place, (e) or the Surge Protector was not used under normal operating conditions in accordance with the user instructions or the original purchaser does not make a claim within 15 days from the date of the Power Disruption with the purchase receipt for the Surge Protector and equipment for which the claim is made. This Warranty does not protect against acts of God (flooding, erosion or earthquake), war,
vandalism, theft, normal wear and tear from use, depletion, obsolescence, abuse, damage from brownouts and/or sags or equipment alteration.

This Warranty is null and void if any person or facility not authorized by TASK TOOLS makes any alteration, modification or repair to the Surge Protector This warranty does not protect against, and TASK TOOLS, is free from liability, the incidental, indirect, direct or consequential monetary damages occurring from the sale or use of the Surge Protector such as loss of revenue, sales and/or profits.

This Warranty is limited to the losses not covered by the original purchaser’s home owner’s insurance or renter’s insurance and the original purchaser cannot seek duplicate coverage under this Warranty. TASK TOOLS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to review and investigate all of the conditions and provisions listed above and determine whether any or all conditions exist making the claim null and void.


In order for the original purchaser to make a claim under this Connected Equipment Warranty, the following steps must be taken and information

1) Mail the Surge Protector, at your expense, to the address at the bottom of the page
2) Provide the part number for the Surge Protector
3) Mail (if applicable), at your expense, the equipment that was connected to the Surge Protector
4) Explain in writing the extent of the damage that occurred to the connected equipment
5) Provide the date of the occurrence
6) Provide a copy of the original purchase receipt for the Surge Protector and damaged equipment
7) State when and where the purchases were made (if not clearly marked on the receipt)
8) Provide evidence of damage to connected equipment (pictures, the equipment itself, etc.)

All claims must be made within 15 days of the Power Disruption and damage to the equipment. If claims are not made within 15 days of the Power Disruption, the claim is null and void.

If TASK TOOLS determines that the Connected Equipment Limited Warranty covers the damaged equipment, and that the equipment was damaged as a result of the Surge Protector which is covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty, TASK TOOLS will either 1) authorize repair of the connected equipment, at a cost up to the maximum amount set forth on the packaging of the surge protector involved; 2) provide the consumer with an equivalent equipment replacement; or 3) reimburse the consumer for the present fair market value of the damaged connected
equipment. The present fair market value of the equipment will be determined according to the current value specified in the most recent edition
of the Orion Blue Book by Orion Research Corporation, Roger Rohrs - Publisher.

Attn: Claims Department
6800 Dennett Place
Delta, BC V4G 1N4

Or call 1-800-663-0160 for assistance in forwarding equipment, purchase receipts, TASK by 360 Electrical™ Surge Protector and how to proceed with the claim.