We Stand Behind Our Products

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This is the industry’s best standard warranty:

If this product fails to give complete satisfaction, return it to the place of purchase for a free replacement.

(That’s it. Don’t bother looking for the 9000-word ‘terms and conditions’ document because we never wrote it.)

What’s better than 100% Satisfaction?

Some TASK TOOLS products are so high-performing we offer this special warranty:

Outlasts and outperforms or your money back!

Leather Worksite Accessories are covered by the following warranties:

TASK Signature®, TASK® and Tuf-E-Nuf® leather products, given normal wear and tear, are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the duration noted below from the date of purchase. Defective product, along with proof of purchase, can be returned to a TASK authorized dealer, within the prescribed time period, for replacement or repair at the discretion of the manufacturer.

  • TASK Signature® – 2 years
  • TASK Leatherworks® – 2 years
  • TASK® – 1 year
  • Tuf-E-Nuf® – 1 year

Note: Damage caused by exposure to or contact with lime, cements, mortars or like materials will void this warranty.

Certain products in the TASK TOOLS Innovative Electrical Accessories line come with specific limited warranties and some have extra coverage for connected equipment. Click the links below to learn more.

T43401: TASK 4-Outlet Rotating Surge Protector
T43410: TASK PowerCurve™ Mobile Rotating Surge Protector
T43411: TASK PowerCurve™ 6-Outlet Rotating Surge Protector
T43412: TASK PowerCurve™ 7-Outlet Rotating Surge Protector w/USB